June 21, 2024

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10 Quick Tips Regarding Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog Effectively in Sessions

10. Choosing Your Dog’s Name

Choosing a dogs’ name the moment they are brought home will allow the owner to train them easier by stating their name every time they are commanded to sit, lay down, or to come here. When a person first starts using their name, it is important to speak it in a strong tone and more often until they are aware of what their name is.

9. House Rules

When a dog is first brought into their new home, it is critical to establish house rules immediately. By doing so, a dog will not be roaming around freely doing as they please which could result in accidents, chewed up furniture, or spills. Once the house rules are set, the owner will need to stand firm and use discipline when they are not abiding by the rules.

8. Rewarding Good Behavior

Dog training Houston is a great way to show owners how rewarding good behavior with dogs can be very beneficial. By rewarding a dog, they will be more apt to behave and listen to commands knowing that a reward will be issued from their good behavior and listening skills.

7. Stop the Jumping

No one likes to walk into a home and have a dog jump in their face repeatedly, which is why it is imperative that an owner stops jumping when a dog starts. Doing so will keep them from jumping on house guests and risking another person possibly getting hurt from being knocked down.

6. Discourage Nipping

Nipping is very common with younger dogs, which can lead to more serious problems if it is not discouraged at an early age. Once an owner first notices nipping, it is critical that training and discipline start to help them refrain from nipping when they become excited or agitated.

5. End Your Training Positively

Once dog training Houston has come to an end for the day, it is beneficial to a dog and owner to end the session in a positive manner. By ending the training session this way, the dog will be more apt to train every day with a positive attitude knowing that they will be rewarded with love and affection for a job well done.

4. Training Games

To make dog training Houston more fun for a dog, an owner can easily add games into the mix so they are not only training but having a complete blast in the meantime which will help keep them positive about training the next day with their owner.

3. Crate Training

If an owner plans on using a crate for their dog when they leave home or after bedtime, it is very important to practice crate training so they can get used to spending time in a crate without becoming anxious or agitated in the process. Doing crate training will help eliminate them from chewing on the kennel and barking profusely from being stuck inside.

2. Leash Training

As most owners enjoying taking their dog for a walk around the block, it is critical to train a dog on a leash so they learn to walk a specific distance ahead while refraining from chewing the leash or pulling too hard which can put a strain on both the dog and owner.

1. Socializing

When a dog is out for a walk, chances are they will run into another owner taking their beloved pet for a walk as well. By teaching a dog how to socialize with other people and their dogs, it will help tone down their aggressiveness while taking a simple walk around the block. Socializing is also beneficial for owners who enjoy bringing their dog to a park designed specifically for dogs in the area to run around and get exercise with their owner.