July 13, 2024

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Day Skipper in Israel

Day Skipper in Israel

Every summer there is an awakening in the field of sailing courses: a speedboat course, a motorcycle course and a possible course without a skipper course. People are hearing a course and honest people think of an exorbitant price that only the rich can afford, but it is not. Today there are more and more cruise clubs offered by club members in their members, so after a course, you can rent a yacht whenever you want without purchasing a yacht, so you can realize your dream at a reasonable price and enjoy it.

What is Skipper license?

The Skipper course, also called the 30-boat license, gives a license permitting a yacht to sail a yacht of up to 24 meters long and weighing no more than 100 tons. Thanks to this license you can fulfill your dream of sailing a yacht at sea, with friends or family, or even as a life professional. There are several different cruise licenses. Each license has a different purpose and usually requires the termination of another cruise license. For example, without a license for cruising 30 and sea experience, you will not be able to pass the Cruise 40 license, which gives you permission to sail yachts for up to 55 passengers.

What does a Skipper course include?

The Skipper course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical, with the theoretical part divided into four subjects:

• Ship sails – interpretation, road laws, metrology, docking, cases and reactions, etc.

• Coastal navigation – knowledge of the marine map, finding a location, finding a site, compass errors, and more.

• Mechanics – familiarity with engines 2/4 pulses, cooling system, lubrication system, pumps and more.

• Navigation devices – GPS, wind meter, contact, compasses, etc.

In addition, the theoretical part has a practical test. Before the practical test, a certificate of passage must be presented. First aid course, general medical certificate including vision and hearing tests.

You have to wait a year, pass 8 days signed by cruise 60 and pass the GMDSS test, and after you have passed all of this, you will be able to get a license from the 60th cruise which gives you a license to sail out of Israel’s maritime territory.

It should be noted that the holders of these licenses do not have permission to float motorcycles or to transport paid passengers.

Who is eligible for a course?

Apart from the fact that it is mandatory to be 18 years of age or older, anyone can match a course of skipping (in hebrew קורס סקיפרים (: whether it’s what you want to do in life, looking for a new hobby or just wanting to buy a yacht for entertainment. It is never too late to start a course in skippers what also they do not take so long, only a few months. Yacht sailing is no longer just for the top thousand!