December 2, 2022

Alex o'Loughlin

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New horror game Fobia is Outlast with guns

Fobia, or to give it its comprehensive title, Fobia: St Dinfna Hotel, is a new 1st-man or woman horror out there now on Steam, and from what we’ve noticed so far, it’s like Outlast, but with shotgun decapitations.

Produced by Pulsatrix and Highest Game titles, a publisher with preceding credits on 5 Evenings at Freddy’s: Protection Breach and Among Us, Fobia casts you as a newbie journalist despatched to examine the eponymous, and extremely haunted, St Dinfna lodge. A little something deeply spooky is heading on, and as the architecture of the lodge transforms all-around you, and you are attacked by enemies that glance 50 % cyberpunk, 50 % Lovecraftian nightmare, you want to locate clues and use them to remedy a sequence of increasingly cryptic puzzles. It’s pure survival horror stuff, and you can see extra in the trailer down below.

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You’ll also detect the in-activity handheld digital camera. Comparable to Outlast – which not long ago bought an extraordinary new speedrun world report – this serves as each your viewfinder and night vision, enabling you to decide on out the concealed secrets and techniques driving the hotel’s true character, and find your way by means of the oppressive, dark corridors.

But this isn’t a operate-and-cover style horror, like Amnesia or Blair Witch. In Fobia, if you get backed into a corner or you’re sensation brave, you’ll have a range of guns to support manage the hotel’s monstrosities. Ammo is scarce and enemies are challenging, but this is a welcome more layer to the current style fare – primarily when you rating a headshot with the ol’ double barrel, and shower the walls in bright-pink gore.

Fobia is out now on Steam and there’s also a totally free demo if you want to test prior to you purchase. From what we have found, it’s an ambitious combination of all the horror classics from the previous ten years, and we’re on the lookout ahead to acquiring out how they go jointly.