May 19, 2024

Alex o'Loughlin

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Pittsburghers hit the road for vacation travel amid surge in gas prices

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The price of gas has flowed into almost all areas of life, but right now, a lot of the focus around gas prices is centered around summer vacation and travel plans. 

KDKA’s John Shumway just returned home from his annual pilgrimage to South Carolina. During his travels, he paid as little as $4.39 for gas and along the way, he checked in with some Pittsburghers who also were on the road.

Shumway and his family hit the road with around $80 worth of gas in the tank, rolling through West Virginia, and taking note of prices as they went.

While in Wytheville, Virginia, he ran into Frank Pidro, a Cecil Township resident, and together they commiserated as they filled their tanks.

“It’s Virginia, they are always cheap, or great, but 4.50 a gallon? And we’re happy?” Pidro asked.

Pidro says that gas prices do have an impact, but feels that it has a higher impact locally and that while on a road trip, you just kind of have to take it on the chin and deal with it. 

Other local travelers headed south, like Will Crumrid of Washington, Pa. says that the declining gas prices aren’t the only highlight of the drive.

“I love it. Easy, drive beautiful mountains on the way down and easy ride,” Crumrid said.

And of course, the sun and sand on Folly Beach near Charleston at the end of the drive tend to make you forget how much more you paid for gas.

Donna Fiorentini, a Bridgeville resident, says their family made the drive down to celebrate an engagement.

“After being locked up for the past two years, we were ready to go,” Fiorentini said.

Shumway says he didn’t have to look hard to find folks from Western Pa. on the Carolina shores from Hilton Head to the Outer Banks — it sure didn’t seem like anyone was letting the high price for gas stop them from hitting the beaches.