May 20, 2024

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The 6 best SAP Concur alternatives in 2022

End-to-end travel management solutions are a must for organizations with corporate travel programs. From pre-trip approval to post-trip reporting, travelers and businesses demand convenience and transparency at every stage. Corporate travel management companies and their SaaS applications are gaining momentum with each day. 

Business travel management software helps companies optimize spending without sacrificing employee productivity. It helps business travel managers ensure their teams comply with policies, helps streamline employee reimbursements, centralize time tracking, and modernize custom travel solutions with game-changing features. 

If you’re looking for SAP Concur alternatives for your company, this article will help you discover more about the top corporate travel management (CTM) software, evaluate features and capabilities, and compare them with SAP Concur.

6 Best alternatives to SAP Concur

This comprehensive list of SAP Concur alternatives aims to help you make an informed decision by highlighting exactly where other solutions stand in relation to SAP Concur. Let’s get started.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is an all-in-one corporate travel management platform that caters to every business travel need under one roof—even if your employees are not. 

Apart from providing customers with the world’s largest travel inventory, TravelPerk also makes it easier for companies to analyze traveler data and preferences. 

The platform packs powerful features to help you stay compliant, centralize invoices, manage expenses, recover VAT, and integrate with existing applications like Slack, Circula, BambooHR, Expensify, and many more.

TravelPerk features and solutions:

  • Reporting: make informed travel decisions with advanced travel management reports and dashboards that cover every aspect of business travel.
  • Spend optimization: TravelPerk eases expense tracking and ensures hassle-free cancellation with FlexiPerk.
  • Traveler tracking: TravelPerk’s built-in corporate travel tracker makes it easier for you to track and manage travelers at scale.
  • TravelCare: gives you a safe way to book business travel, and allows you to easily manage travel risk for your traveling employees.
  • Duty of care solutions: TravelPerk also offers full-service duty of care solutions before, during, and after business trips.
  • Real-time alerts: your employees can also stay up-to-date with real-time notifications about health emergencies and other risks.
  • Event management: TravelPerk events help businesses seamlessly connect hybrid teams during events such as kickoffs or offsites.
  • 24/7 support: TravelPerk also provides companies with round-the-clock customer support in under 15 seconds.
  • Third party integrations: TravelPerk’s wide range of third party integrations enables you to seamlessly integrate your existing tools with your travel management workflow.

So, how does TravelPerk stack up against SAP Concur?

SAP Concur vs. TravelPerk

Both these tools are strong contenders when it comes to choosing a travel management solution, but TravelPerk comes out on top for a number of reasons:

  • TravelPerk receives higher overall ratings on user review platform G2
  • TravelPerk delivers high-quality solutions at a lower price point
  • TravelPerk deliver a better user experience when it comes to easy of booking and itinerary management
  • TravelPerks 24/7 support team are on hand at all times in 15 seconds or less
  • TravelPerk’s reporting features are easier to use and more comprehensive

Business travelers are more confident about TravelPerk meeting their needs over SAP Concur. TravelPerk is also ideal for both mid-market and enterprise businesses, compared to SAP Concur that’s only accessible to enterprises.

2. Webexpenses

Webexpenses is an online expense management platform with a portfolio of products across invoice processing, corporate travel, payment, and auditing. This corporate travel booking and management system helps businesses stay compliant, provide superior employee experience with rewards, and streamline travel management processes. 

Webexpenses features and solutions:

  • AI-enabled travel booking: companies can leverage machine learning to automate understanding of travel preferences and create custom itineraries.
  • Pre-approved workflows: companies can also reduce time to approve trip requests with pre-approvals and automatic trip verification.
  • Compliance management: this travel management solution comes with a built-in compliance management module that ensures trip compliance effortlessly. Businesses can also reward employees for spending within limits.
  • Travel reports: Webexpenses offers complete visibility into travel spending with in-depth reports.
  • 24/7 support: the Webexpenses support team resolves doubts in 50 languages around the clock.

SAP Concur vs. Webexpenses

There are a couple of areas in which SAP Concur performs better than Webexpenses. Take a look.

  • Credit card integration: easy integration with corporate or personal credit cards
  • Digital invoices: conversion of paper-based invoices into digital formats
  • Expense automation: auto-alignment of invoices and expenses 
  • Payment tracking: track partial or full business payments at ease
  • Account sync: sync business bank accounts to automate payment transfer for business invoices

Despite SAP Concur’s strong suits, user reviews report a better experience when using the Webexpenses solution. Plus, Webexpenses offers a fee trial wiith no-credit card required—so you can try before you buy.

Overall ratings place Webexpenses ahead of SAP Concur, and highlight Webexpense’s ease of setup, use, and admin as key deciding factors.

3. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is another SAP Concur alternative that helps businesses with travel expense management, control, reporting, and automation. This travel management platform is ideal for automating reporting tasks, customizing different components, and facilitating real-time, cross-team collaboration.

Zoho Expense features and solutions:

  • Receipts and expenses: simplify expense reporting with end-to-end automation across receipt management, expense management, and mileage tracking.
  • Cards expense management: ease expense reconciliation processes with corporate card reconciliation and direct feed integration for corporate, personal, and pre-paid credit cards.
  • Expense reporting: put the expense report creation and management process on auto-pilot with efficient automation.
  • Request management: set up trip approval policies and add to employee convenience with offline ticket options.
  • Expense audit and compliance: Zoho Expense also enables companies to find duplicate entries, run audit reports, and identify fraudulent behavior.
  • Expense reimbursement: you can delight employees with faster reimbursements, thanks to Zoho’s superior capability to integrate payroll and ERP software.

SAP Concur vs. Zoho Expense

Based on customer reviews and product research, SAP Concur reportedly offers better solutions in the following areas:

  • Credit card integration: for seamlessly fetching receipts from credit card statements
  • Employee reimbursement: easy integration with payroll system or bank account for faster reimbursements
  • Itinerary management: auto-creation of travel itineraries based on travel bookings
  • Trip notifications: calendar integration for upcoming tip alerts
  • Advanced integrations: with different airline ticketing systems, hotels, and cab providers

SAP Concur is a pricier solution for businesses looking to control expense management, and users find that Zoho Expense meets their requirements better than SAP. An impressive 99% of users would recommend Zoho Expense, as apposed to 93% of SAP Concur users.

4. Egencia

Egencia helps businesses modernize corporate travel programs with simple business travel facilities and stellar support. Apart from offering up-to-date reporting and analytics, this platform helps you manage risk, travel expenses, and employee profiles.

Egencia features and solutions:

  • Policy compliance: Egencia lets you create custom travel approval policies for better compliance and multi-level approval workflows for better trip management.
  • Risk management: Egencia also empowers organizations to fulfill their duty of care obligations with a comprehensive travel risk management program. You can easily monitor high-risk situations, track travelers, and alert them in no time.
  • Travel expense management: Egencia simplifies travel and expenses (T&E), offers complete visibility into finances, and helps you make quick reconciliations.
  • Travel Deals: thanks to Egencia Savings Finder for Hotel and Air, you can now easily find the best travel deals and automatically rebook when rates go down.

SAP Concur vs. Egencia

When it comes to comparing the two, SAP Concur edges ahead of Egencia with a handful of user-friendly features that add to the convenience of both businesses and employees. 

  • Digital receipt management: automatic receipt parsing for creating digital expense entries
  • Expense report creation: an intuitive process for creating traveler expense reports
  • Employee reimbursement: seamless bank and payroll integration for faster payouts
  • Currency conversion: easy entry and conversion of other currencies in reports
  • Expense automation: electronic capturing and category alignment of invoices
  • Compliance: custom travel and regulation compliance policies to help companies stay compliant
  • Mileage tracking: easy tracking of trip mileage using GPS or mobile devices

SAP Concur’s popularity with the enterprise business segment is higher than that of Egencia. Being a veteran player in the business travel management segment, SAP Concur serves the enterprise market better than Egencia.

5. TripActions

TripActions is an all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense solution that helps you automate travel expenses, manage travel booking, and gain complete visibility into business travel spending. This platform lets you build a high-performance travel and spend program while staying cost-efficient.

TripActions features and solutions:

  • Smart cards: TripActions helps you implement responsible spending and enjoy real-time transaction visibility with smart virtual and physical cards.
  • Online travel booking: The Next Generation Storefront™ by TripActions enables businesses to review and book corporate trips in less than six minutes.
  • Travel savings: save on your travel budget with consolidated and automated finance reporting functionality. You can also reduce future travel spending with unused tickets and waiver automation on TripActions.
  • Expense management: TripActions Liquid empowers businesses with smarter spending capabilities for meeting compliance requirements, automating reconciliations, and eliminating manual expense reports.
  • Spend reporting: uncover granular saving insights with real-time spend reports.
  • Travel services: TripActions also offers a range of travel services, including TripActions VIP Services, consulting, and success accelerators.

SAP Concur vs. TripActions

When it comes to comparing TripActions to SAP Concur, TripActions comes out on top in pretty much every area:

  • TripActions receives a higher overall score on review websites
  • TripActions is easier to use, set up, and manage
  • TripActions creates better expense reports

However, it’s not all good. TripActions doesn’t offer low-cost carrier options for budget-friendly travel, nor does the platform provide a comprehensive rail inventory—especially in Europe.

One major advantage SAP Concur has over TripActions is its experience and coverage of European markets—users report that TripActions’ ’customer support is US based and not very knowledgeable of the European market’.

Both are good options for corporate travel management, but if you’re looking for worldwide coverage—SAP Concur comes out in front.

6. Emburse Certify

Emburse Certify is another top Concur alternative that enables you to book business trips online, manage expenses, and automate policy compliance. You can also integrate this platform with your existing TMC for convenience. Emburse Certify helps you save from unused tickets and guarantees the lowest logical fares.

Emburse Certify features and solutions:

  • Corporate cards: businesses can easily track employee expenses with customizable physical or virtual credit cards. 
  • Mileage tracking: track reimbursable mileage expenses with no effort, thanks to Emburse Certify’s efficient mileage tracker and accounting systems.
  • Reimbursements: Emburse Certify also empowers businesses to process employee and vendor reimbursement in a flash irrespective of the currencies they use.
  • Spend management: make trip approval hassle-free for employees with pre-approved spend requests and complete control over cost savings.
  • Expense report: ReportExecutive™, an expense management software by Emburse Certify, helps you to automate expense report creation for every employee.
  • Accounts payable (AP) automation: streamline AP processes with easy requisition approval, electronic purchase order, and seamless 2- and 3-way invoice matching i.e. matching data on purchase orders, invoices, and sales receipts.

SAP Concur vs. Emburse Certify

SAP concur and Emburse Certify provide similar key features, but Emburse Certify performs better when it comes to a wide variety of areas:

  • Emburse Certify scores higher than SAP Concur on review sites
  • Emburse Certify provides better quality of support and are easier to work with
  • Emburse Certify provide more reporting capabilities and better accounting software

The only feature that Emburse Certify doesn’t offer is the approval rule for creating travel restrictions and guidelines to ensure compliance with policy and the budget. 

SAP Concur is also generally more popular with enterprise-level businesses, whereas Emburse Certify wins with mid-size businesses. Other than that, Emburde Certify excels over SAP Concur in other categories and is an all-around better expense management solution.

How to choose from the SAP Concur competitors?

The key to finding the best alternatives to SAP Concur lies in understanding your business travel needs. Take a look at areas such as each alternative’s:

  • Travel inventory
  • Ease of use
  • Automated spend reports
  • Pricing
  • Mobile app availability
  • Risk and compliance management

Plus any other features you deem to be critical to your success. Tallie up your options in each of these areas and you’ll be in a better position to choose the best tool for you.

TravelPerk’s future-ready and innovative corporate travel management software solution is the preferred choice for businesses across various industries and sizes—whether you’re a small business or enterprise. Enjoy a full breadth of business travel solutions from a single integrated platform with TravelPerk. 

Take a look at where TravelPerk can take you, today.