December 6, 2022

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Tips for Traveling to Lombok Island After the Pandemic

Traveling to the island of Lombok is no less exciting than traveling to the island of Bali. There are so many beautiful beaches and small islands in Lombok and exciting tourist attractions. Lombok can also be a tourist destination option for Indonesia holiday at this time.

This island’s natural potential is also incredible because there are many exotic and untouched beaches. In contrast, the bustle of Lombok city at night is also why many people travel to the island.

Tips for Safe Traveling to Lombok Island After the Pandemic

When traveling to Lombok Island, you should follow some of the tips below. Especially after the pandemic, it’s a good idea to be more careful when traveling by obeying the Indonesia quarantine rules. Here are some safe travel tips on the island of Lombok:

1. Prepare Your Travel Schedule in Lombok Carefully

Having a spontaneous vacation is fun, but you should make a travel schedule first for those who still have limited time for a vacation. Look for information on the internet, for example, as complete as possible, all kinds of information such as airline tickets, vehicles while there, lodging, tourist attractions, places to eat and so on. So you will not waste time if everything is appropriately scheduled, especially if you are on vacation with a group of either family or friends.

2. Rent a Vehicle

To get around the island of Lombok, you can use public transportation in the form of bemo/angkot and cidomo (traditional vehicles). But it would be better if you just rent a vehicle such as a car. Transportation costs will be cheaper if you rent a car, especially if you come with many people. Usually, there will be a free tour guide bonus if you rent a vehicle while traveling in Lombok.

3. Have Extra Cash

Several natural tourist attractions or villages in Lombok usually do not charge an entrance fee. But in many places, there is a charity box there for donations of any amount. To anticipate this, you can prepare extra cash in your wallet for contributions.

Usually, the donation goes to the tourist attractions themselves. You will also hear historical stories of a tourist place that you visit from the tour guide.

4. Dressed Politely  

While in several tourist attractions, especially if the tourist spot is a place of worship, you must wear polite clothes. For example, if you want to visit the Sasak Tribe which is mostly Muslims. The people there still highly uphold Islam’s moral values ​​and religion, so wear clothes that are at least covered. Loose clothes will only invite suspicious glances from the local community because you will be considered as a person who does not respect and appreciate the local residents.

The tips for traveling to Lombok described above will be the right travel guide for Indonesian tourists who want to visit the beautiful island of Lombok.