July 13, 2024

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What is Travel Nurse Jobs? A Comprehensive Guide

Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse | NursingJobs.com

Nurses are in demand today due to the pandemic that hit the world for more than one year now. Even before the  pandemic the needs for nurses are rising since more and more people are getting ill because of the modern lifestyle they are in. Due to the scarcity of nurses in other places, travel nurses become in demand too. 

What is Travel Nurse Jobs?

Travel nurse jobs are jobs offered to nurses who want to have the opportunity to work in other States or even other Cities outside their hometowns. From the word “travel”, travel nurse jobs basically means a nurse that travels to another location to work there as a nurse. Travel nurse comes in two categories : 

  • Local Travel Nurse 

Nurses can be a travel nurse without going out of her country or State by merely working as a travel nurse outside her city. For instance, a travel nurse can work on the next city from where she leaves and still be a travel nurse. She will be paid the compensation for a travel nurse as well as rip the benefits a travel nurse should have. 

  • International Travel Nurse  

These are travel nurses who have to be assigned to other States far from their hometown and own States. 

What is a Registered Travel Nurse?

Basically all travel nurses whatever specialization they have should be registered by their profession. One of the requirements to be accepted as a travel nurse is being a registered nurse. It means one should pass the licensure exam for nurses. And should be able to finish Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associate Degree in Nursing. 

What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

Just like any other nurses, travel nurses have to perform their duties in the department they are assigned to. They have to do their specialization as well as adjust to other responsibilities they need to do. Travel nurses basic duties includes:

  • Examination of patients and recording their symptoms as well as health history, so they can come to a decision on what’s needed to be done. 
  • Responsible for delivering treatment and medication needed to their patients. 
  • Do continuous research on medical information to broaden their knowledge and be able to educate their patients well.
  • Work with other health care professionals to be able to attain the goals needed in assisting the patients to be able to recover or get better from their illnesses. 

How Much Does a Travelling Nurse Earn?

Travel nurses can earn $20 to $50 per hour or more. Specialization can be a big factor in getting paid more. Different States also offer different compensations, lucky for travel nurses if they get assigned to States that pay more. Apart from the basic compensation, bonuses are given such as:

  • Performance Bonuses are given to travel nurses who go the extra mile when doing their jobs as travel nurses. 
  • Referral Bonuses are given to travel nurses who can recommend a travel nurse who is also qualified. Referral bonuses range from $500 to $4,000. That’s why travel nurses love to tag along with their friends when applying for travel nurse jobs. 
  • Discounts for medical stuff and entertainment vouchers, even travel nurses need a break after work. Discounts for medical stiffs are given for travel nurses since they need uniforms and scrubs suits for their work. They also need some time off, so discounts on hotels, amusement parks, cinema and car rental are given for them, so they can have relaxation time during their off without spending too much. 

Now that you are oriented on what travel nurse jobs  are, then you can tell if you are qualified or not. Take this opportunity to become one and rip all the benefits you can get. There are a lot of reasons why you have to consider becoming a travel nurse in Florida. You can also broaden your professional knowledge and travel the world at the same time. Travel nurses are enjoying their profession and at the same time enjoy exploring their destinations.Getting several destinations in a year is already a good benefit since this is not a common set up for everyone. Travelling cost a lot of money but being a travel nurse you can travel the world without spending too much.