July 13, 2024

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Experience A Dhow Cruise You’ll Never Forget

Experience A Dhow Cruise You’ll Never Forget

When visiting your favorite destination in the world, the best way to make sure that you take with you memories that linger for a lifetime is taking advantage of everything that you can. Memories are made of more than just seeing the best areas of the destination; it should encompass experiencing the unique activities it has to offer for you during your stay or holiday. If you are more of an adventurous traveler, then you will be excited to try out some of the best things that your destination has in store for you.

If you happen to find yourself in destination offering a dhow cruise, then it should be one of those things that you try out. You can enjoy a fantastic dinner in the traditional wooden dhow readily available and enjoy international buffet and fine entertainment as you enjoy the steady smooth floating of the dhow. Such cruises are offered in spectacular areas and you will just love the red carpet welcome that you get from the service providers. Your cruise can be quite romantic under the twinkling stars and well lit dhow.

The best thing about a dhow cruise is that it still offers you a chance to explore the beauty of the area you are visiting from elegant double decked dhows. The views you can catch from the comfortable and elegant dhows are simply unforgettable like those of skyscrapers creating that romantic back drop and skyline that you will just love. Dhow cruises are very popular and you would need to be strategic in your planning to make sure that you get the best spots and don’t miss out on the cruise.

How to plan your dhow cruise

Service providers usually offer pick up services from your hotel to the dhow with the charges depending on how far off the hotel is. However, there is still a need to play your part in ensuring that everything works out best. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that:

1. Start by booking to be on the cruise and make sure that you also confirm your booking beforehand. Electronic vouchers can be used for the excursion.

2. Pay attention to the pickup times from your hotel so you are ready and waiting by the time the coach arrives to take you to cruise the area. Most of the dhow operators are keen to keep you notified of the times and changes that could result from things such as heavy traffic and road closure.

3. To experience the best in your cruise, ensure you are among the first to book so you have the freedom of choosing the perfect dining table for you. Most of the operators offer a floor plan and when you are amongst the first you can be sure to book a spot that you are bound to enjoy. Some make it possible for you to have a table for two arranged even though most tables are designed to accommodate up to six guests.