June 23, 2024

Alex o'Loughlin

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Exploring New England’s Shore By Sailboat

Of the six states that comprise our country’s quaint New England, five are on the coast, making the area a prime place for enjoying water sports, including a top favorite, sailing.

Whether you make your home there or decide to take in the sea air during your next vacation, you’ll never encounter a lack of ways to enjoy the water while sailing these unique waters.

The coast itself is remarkably different from others farther south on the Atlantic; here, you’ll find craggy cliffs, white beaches, and rocky beaches mixed with cracked shells. Because New England is a relatively small area, you’ll also enjoy the “sea-to-city” landscape; you can sail far off the New England coast or one of its islands and still see the city lights blinking back at you.

For exceptional sailing opportunities, you can always find a “sailboat race” or regatta going on, and you can either join in the competition or get a good seat for a perfect view from land.

Some of the best-known beaches, such as Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, and its glamorous “little sister,” Martha’s Vineyard, bring thousands of tourists yearly to enjoy the high cliffs, dunes, and white sands. The other great thing about sailing in New England is that you can easily “jump the waters” to another state and enjoy excellent sailing in Maine’s 100 miles of beaches, including Cape Elizabeth, and New Hampshire’s coast, as well. And if you’re looking for a little privacy, there are several “out of the way,” less “touristy” beaches and islands to drop your anchor. One is Block Island, off Rhode Island’s coast.

You can opt to take a leisurely shoreline cruise on a guided tour, or grab the helm yourself and “bareboat sail” the day away at your own pace. And don’t forget to sample the renowned New England fresh lobster; take along the champagne and cook it up on board for a festive afternoon of sailing while watching for whales and other wildlife indigenous to the area. Lighthouses also dot the shore, which make for a romantic sight from your vantage point at sea.

So start your next sailboating adventure where America’s history began – you’ll be guaranteed to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste some of the most sensuous sensations ever!