July 16, 2024

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FOCUS launches eco-performance glazed collections of fireplaces

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Concentration launches eco-performance glazed collections of fireplaces

Aim launches eco-efficiency glazed collections of fireplaces

With the launch of the new glazed variations of the Domofocus and the Ergofocus – two symbols of the brand – Concentration is increasing its array of eco-efficient fireplaces&#8230

Home interior industrial style with fireplace

A the latest recipient of two prestigious Archiproducts Design and style Awards, the new Glazed Gyrofocus has been recognised in both equally the Finishes and Exclusive Mention for Sustainability classes. Focus has for numerous years been devoted to the transformation of its wood-burning fireplaces, with a triple objective of vitality performance, eco-accountability and all this without altering the authentic structure. Now, Domofocus and Ergofocus join the glazed hearth loved ones.

The hearth brand now provides three glazed Ecodesign products. The initial types of the two Ergofocus and Domofocus also stay intact. The pure and ergonomic form of the former and the improvement of the curves of the latter have been flawlessly preserved as nicely as their 360-diploma swivel action. As with the Gyrofocus, an ingenious sliding glass window offers a ideal watch of the flames with no hazard of sparks flying.

Glazed Domofocus fireplace in living room

Graphic credit history: Focus

Concentrate is the only enterprise in the sector to constrain the combustion chamber of its fireplaces to its design. This by now hard challenge has grow to be a lot additional complicated with the ambition to close its fireplaces and offer them with actual vitality performance, building them eco-successful. The natural and organic shape of these legendary models had been not initially suited to this dual technological difficulty.

Emphasis began a focused transformation of its industrial approach 1o many years in the past, by making an R&D division and investing extra than 6 million euros into it. In buy to more velocity up and streamline the certification method, Target has also geared up by itself with a exam bench identical to that applied by the European laboratories that award Ecodesign approval.

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Major graphic credit history: Concentrate

Concentration launches eco-general performance glazed collections of fireplaces
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