May 19, 2024

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Here’s How You Can Donate Travel Miles To Help Refugees

Around the previous number of months, there has been an influx of refugees around the globe. This has been thanks to the Ukrainian conflict, organic disasters and political violence. It’s now attainable to directly assist refugees attain protection by donating vacation points and miles.

How To Donate Points/Miles To Assistance Ukrainian Refugees

The ongoing distress in Ukraine is currently garnering the most media attention. Several travel loyalty courses and credit rating card rewards systems supply the opportunity to donate vacation factors and miles to charities serving to those people in need to have.

A different solution is to sponsor flights for refugees by means of Miles4Migrants. The service associates with nonprofits to establish refugees needing a everlasting dwelling in Europe, Canada or the United States. The program has served more than 15,000 refugees given that its inception in 2016.

The charity not long ago launched its Ukraine2Canada Journey Fund with 500 first flights. The overall goal is to assistance 10,000 Ukrainian refugees attain different Canadian communities.

With donated frequent flyer miles and credit rating card rewards, the provider can e-book a flight for an individual or a loved ones. Moreover, a reserving coordinator can aid donors reserve an award flight for a refugee rather of transferring them to Miles4Migrants first.

Most Essential Travel Details/Miles

Whilst almost any travel miles donation can be lifetime-modifying, these benefits factors/miles are the most preferred to safe refugee flights (in alphabetical get):

  • Air Canada/Aeroplan
  • Alaska Airways
  • American Airways
  • American Express Membership Benefits
  • Capital One Rewards
  • Chase Greatest Benefits
  • Traveling Blue (Air France and KLM)
  • Southwest Airways

How Lots of Miles To Donate

At a bare minimum, travelers will require to donate 1,000 factors/miles. Which is the transfer minimum for most benefits courses. Listed here are numerous examples of how a lot donated details/miles can be worth:

  • 1,000 miles: Can pool miles with other donors to guide a flight
  • 15,000 miles: A domestic flight in the United States for one particular refugee
  • 50,000 miles: Up to four refugees on a domestic U.S. flight or 1 global flight
  • 100,000 miles: Up to 7 U.S. domestic flights or 4 worldwide flights

It is also attainable to make dollars contributions to cover the details/miles variance and spend charges and taxes.

Other Approaches Refugee Miles Can Aid

The Ukraine conflict is not the only trigger to donate journey miles to support asylum seekers. For the duration of the summer of 2021, Undertaking Afghan Arrival helped refugees in Afghanistan flee the Taliban.

There are also refugees from in excess of 90 nations throughout the world from Asia, Africa and Latin The united states seeking religious and political asylum.

Others are hoping to reunite their family members.

For illustration, with the current U.S. Supreme Court selection to reverse the “Remain in Mexico” plan, organizations will be accumulating donations to support asylum seekers leave temporary

facilities on the Mexico-United States border.


If you are looking for a productive way to redeem unused journey factors or miles, donating them can be a precious solution. You can stop them from expiring when supporting some others in great need start out their following chapter of lifestyle.

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