July 15, 2024

Alex o'Loughlin

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The Summerland Promises to Revitalize

The Summerland Promises to Revitalize

Summertime is often a time for people to diligently seek new adventures and vacations. Destination spots can include fun places to explore, new cultures and terrains. These trips are meant to renew, inspire and rejuvenate. Life can sometimes feel mundane or routine. A trip adds a new flavor or spice to life. I want to invite you, however, to try a new type of vacation. Instead of buying that plane ticket this year, why not consider a completely different type of get-away called a stay-cation spiritual retreat.

There is within your own heart, a very exciting and rewarding interdimensional space that is calling you to come home and visit. Perhaps the greatest territory you can ever venture into, is this inner realm of consciousness that dwells in your very own being. Contained within your consciousness is the splendor of your infinite divine higher self. I like to refer to this invisible inner realm as the “Summerland”.

Summerland is a phrase that was coined by the White Eagle Publishing Trust many years ago. In the Summerland, time and space do not exist, love is the overriding element in all things and souls grow wiser in this land. Spirit guides, loved ones who have passed to the other side of life and ascended master teachers all dwell in the Summerland. Sounds like a lovely place to visit doesn’t it? However, the Summerland can’t be found on the internet listed under sites for recreation or adventure.

People come to the Summerland by special invitation from their souls. Eventually, a person may grow weary of seeking satisfaction and fulfillment in external pursuits and expensive dreams and trips. The Summerland comes into your life when you are ready to manifest your greatest self in the world. I have one friend who actually discovered the Summerland while sitting in a solitary confinement cell in prison. She had made some bad choices in life based on an ugly childhood and low self-esteem. While sitting in prison her consciousness expanded beyond the bounds of the cell walls and she was blessed with a metaphysical experience of light and love.

The veil between the dimensions parted and my friend found inner peace and a knowing that passes all understanding. In some ways it was as though she was in a deeply devotional spiritual retreat center. There was no exterior rewards to gain, seek or pursue. She was forced to find solace within a very inhospitable environment. Some people go to monasteries, retreat centers or temples to access the Summerland. My friend tapped into the limitless power of love through deep devotional prayer and quiet.

This radiant source of light and love that she found in the Summerland can be called: God, universal source, or infinite all, to name a few. When the mind is still, the heart is open and one’s focus is diving deeply within, then the conditions are right for the door to the Summerland to open. From this place of love, one can connect with their spirit guides, departed loved ones and ascended master teachers and angels without having to pay a lot to go to retreat centers like Esalen or Omega.

I invite you to spend time in meditation, prayer and stillness and see what mysteries and magic can be revealed to you and how you will be rejuvenated and inspired on your journey forward. The Summerland is a trip you don’t want to miss!