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Celebrity Cruise Trips in Under 3 Hours

Celebrity Cruise Trips in Under 3 Hours

You can have as much adventure as you want when you are going on a Celebrity Cruise holiday in Australia and New Zealand. The landscapes and the coastal regions of these two countries are filled with many tourist spots that promote active exploration. If you are going on a Celebrity Cruise within the vicinity and you want to make a brief side trip to any part of these territories, you will find many activities that will suit your taste and interest.

Here are some Celebrity Cruise off-shore trips that you can do for three hours or less:

1. Exclusive Sydney Harbor Tour (2 hours and 30 minutes):

In this package, you will sail along the harbor aboard a luxury vessel. A tour guide will point to you the massive mansion estates that line the shore and the many beautiful parks and beaches that are open to the public. You will also get to see famous tourist spots such as the Taronga Park Zoo and Watson’s Bay. Remember to bring a camera with you as you will be getting a good view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the world renowned Sidney Opera House.

2. Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (3 hours):

If you want long, educational walks, you can explore the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand for three hours. This 500-year-old sanctuary has been granted the honor of being called one of the most stimulating urban conservation projects to date. Your Celebrity Cruise tour guide will give you all the information you need to be able to appreciate the native forest and many species of birds that you will find in this sanctuary.

3. Penguin Parade (2 hours and 30 minutes):

Nothing can be more adorable than a group of little penguins swimming to the shore and afterward marching towards their burrows in the nearby sand dunes. This charming little scene is what you can expect when you make a short trip to Phillip Island, Australia. You can watch the penguins do their little parade each night as you position yourselves in the designated viewing platforms and tourist boardwalks.

4. Seal Coast Safari (3 hours):

The Seal Coast Safari involves a short road trip aboard a land cruiser down the South coast of Wellington, New Zealand for a breathtaking chance to spot the New Zealand Fur Seal. You might also see some wild pigs, goats, horses and deers living in and roaming around their natural habitat. As you make your way to the coast, the amazing panorama of the Leaning Lighthouse will slowly come into view. You will then reach your target destination, an observation deck giving you a clear view of the many seals lazing under the sun and quickly going back to the water for a dip.