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Coronation Street – Maria stalker horror and more soap spoilers

Soap spoilers follow.

Struggling to keep track of the constant stream of soap spoilers? Fear not, as every Monday Digital Spy picks out the biggest and best storylines hitting your screens in the week ahead.

(Wednesday at 8pm on ITV)

maria connor, jimmy, coronation street


Both Kelly and Maria are in danger this week when they’re targeted by dodgy men.

Aadi is shocked when he sees a wad of cash falling out of Kelly’s bag and demands to know what’s going on. The teen explains the money belonged to Rick and she wants to return it to the people he ripped off over the years, but Aadi is concerned and urges her to seek Gary’s advice.

Later, Kelly offers to accompany Maria to a lunch meeting she’s nervous about attending on her own. But during the event, Maria is shaken when Jimmy issues her a warning, then a sleazy bloke approaches to tell her how much he enjoyed her online video.

Things take an even more sinister turn when Maria finds a tracking device hidden in her handbag. Terrified, she reports it to the police, but while Gary hopes this is the end of it, anxious Maria can’t shake the fear someone is watching her.

Meanwhile, after managing to locate one of her dad’s former clients, Ross, Kelly arranges to meet with him. Ignoring Gary’s warnings, she arrives at Ross’s house and hands him the envelope of dosh, explaining who she is.

As she leaves, Ross makes a call to someone about Kelly, and later Aadi is concerned when she fails to show for their date at Speed Daal. He’s right to be worried, as Kelly is now being held captive in a basement.

2. Emmerdale: Sandra causes Liv more aggro

(Tuesday at 7.30pm on ITV)

liv dingle, sandra flaherty, vinny dingle, emmerdale


Under pressure from Liv, Sandra comes clean and admits she owes four grand to a man named Terry. Although Liv is frustrated by her mum’s lies, Sandra plays the victim and pleads her case. Liv eventually allows her to stay.

However, Liv and Vinny can’t shake the feeling Sandra isn’t being straight with them, and the couple are proved right when threatening Terry turns up, demanding his money.

With Terry refusing to go, Liv tries to defuse the situation by offering to repay Sandra’s debt, but Vinny is worried her plan to help will backfire. After taking his dosh, Terry leaves and Sandra is grateful when Liv offers to help find her a job.

Kind-hearted Mandy shows her support by giving Sandra a trial shift at the salon, but Bernice is less than impressed to discover she’ll be working alongside the new village troublemaker.

3. EastEnders: Kat and Sharon fight over Phil

(Monday at 7.30pm on BBC Two)



Kat and Sharon are both in a state following Phil’s dramatic return from the dead, while Sam fears her plan to bring down the Mitchell empire is about to be rumbled.

Phil wastes no time in making the trio know he’s back in charge, but is shocked to learn Kat has moved out and doesn’t want them to get back together.

Meanwhile, Sharon is eager to talk to Phil, but their conversation is interrupted by Keeble, who calls him away, making it clear she’s very much in charge.

As they lock horns, Sharon pays Kat a visit to see how she’s doing and is taken aback when she turns on her, saying she knows she still has feelings for Phil.

The exchange leaves Sharon feeling on edge and unsure of what to say when Phil approaches, wanting to know if her declaration of love in prison was for real.

4. Hollyoaks: John Paul spirals out of control

(Wednesday at 7pm on E4 and Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

john paul mcqueen in hollyoaks

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John Paul pledges to support Sally during her hospital appointment, but an uncomfortable run-in with Nancy leads John Paul to bail on her. Sally receives upsetting news from the medics, but not wanting to cause the McQueens any further distress, she makes out she’s fit enough to return to work.

Sadly, all is not well for JP either, as he’s haunted by his demons and turns to alcohol to numb his pain. Unaware of his latest relapse, the family throw a party to celebrate his sobriety. When Misbah arrives during the party, the clan realise Sally has been telling a few porkies.

John Paul pays Sally a visit at school. After confiding in Sally, John Paul tells the rest of his family he’s back on the booze, which doesn’t go down well.

Feeling downbeat, John Paul starts drinking in the village, but is forced to make a big decision after realising his actions are having a devastating impact on Matthew-Jesus.

5. Neighbours: Hostage drama on Ramsay Street

(Tuesday at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5)

freya wozniak, kiri durant and nicolette stone are held at gunpoint by emma in neighbours

FremantleChannel 5

There’s a glimmer of hope for David’s loved ones as they learn he’s being moved away from his fellow inmates. But their joy is short-lived when they receive a picture of David and discover he’s now in danger from a corrupt prison guard.

Fearing time is running out, Andrew tells David his only chance of making it out alive is to wear a wire and catch the dodgy guard out. He agrees to the risky plan, but as events spiral, David winds up seriously injured and trapped.

Elsewhere, there’s chaos at Number 24 when a crazed Emma arrives wielding a gun and orders Freya to tend to a wounded man in order to keep David safe.

As Nicolette walks into the hostage situation, she provides the perfect distraction for Freya to be able to tackle the villain to the ground. Emma is successfully apprehended, but over at the prison, David’s fate remains hanging in the balance.

6. Emmerdale: Suzy’s secret is exposed

(Monday at 7.30pm on ITV)

suzy, emmerdale


Priya and Suzy are excited ahead of their big HOP/Take A Vow showcase, blissfully unaware their slideshow includes an image of Holly Barton taken on the day she tragically died.

As the presentation gets under way, Priya struggles to see a picture of herself without burns, but nothing prepares the guests for the shock they get when Holly’s face flashes up.

Instantly recognising Holly is wearing the same yellow dress she died in, Moira demands to know what happened during her daughter’s final hours, but Suzy lies her way out of it.

However, Vanessa knows she isn’t telling the truth, and manages to get her girlfriend to admit what happened that fateful night.

As Moira arrives to apologise for her earlier outburst, Vanessa is disappointed when Suzy doesn’t take the opportunity to come clean. And she’s left conflicted when Suzy pleads with her to keep her secret and not tell Moira.

7. Coronation Street: Ed suffers an electric shock

(Wednesday at 8pm on ITV)

ed bailey, ronnie bailey, paul foreman, coronation street


Ronnie eyes up a business opportunity this week when he sees a picture of a derelict pub. Showing it to Ed and Paul, he suggests they should buy it together, knock the building down and redevelop the site for housing. Will they agree to his proposal?

Later in the week, while working on a radiator at Debbie’s hotel, Ed suffers a huge electric shock and is left sprawled unconscious on the ground.

While Ronnie orders Paul to ring for an ambulance, horrified Debbie realises she has no idea when an inspection was last carried out as Ray was notorious for cutting corners.

Aggie is livid when she hears about Ed’s brush with death, and turns on Debbie, declaring she’ll be hearing from her solicitors.

8. EastEnders: Peter gets Ben arrested

(Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One)



Taking advice from Kathy and Kheerat, tormented Ben decides the time has come to tell Callum what happened with Lewis. However, the couple’s meeting at The Vic ends badly and Ben is devastated when his husband snaps at him then storms off before they get a chance to talk properly.

Meanwhile, a police officer arrives at the Beales’ house to tell the family his colleagues aren’t having much luck in finding Peter’s attacker.

Kathy tries to make it up to her grandson by proving how much she cares for him, but Peter’s left feeling like second best again when she rushes off to support Ben after his row with Callum.

Desperate to restore the peace, Kathy organises a games night for Rocky’s birthday, while over at Walford East, Peter and Dana’s secret connection is rumbled when someone spies them in a steamy clinch.

Later, at Rocky’s bash, the quarrelling continues when Ben and Peter clash, and a startling revelation brings the party to an abrupt halt. The shocks keep coming when the police arrive to arrest Ben and reveal Peter has reported him for the assault.

At the police station, Richie warns Ben he could get sent down, so Kathy decides to provide her son with a false alibi. Will the police be convinced by her cover story?

9. Hollyoaks: Sienna and Damon’s revenge goes awry

(Tuesday at 7pm on E4 and Wednesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

sienna blake and damon kinsella in hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

Sienna is hell bent on making Warren pay the deadly price for Brody’s murder, but things aren’t going quite to plan. With her revenge derailed, Sienna springs into action, but co-accomplice Damon is in over his head and forced to commit a dreadful crime to spare him from getting sent down.

Soon there’s another shock twist to the tale, but as Sienna continues putting on the performance of a lifetime, Damon turns and blames her for everything.

Later, Sienna is sickened to discover Joel has been harbouring Warren’s killer secret all this time and vows to make him pay. However, Damon is done with all the twisted games and tries to deter her from taking any more revenge.

(Thursday at 1.15pm on Channel 5)

cash newman and felicity newman in home and away

Channel 5

Nathan’s in peril as it’s revealed he’s being held captive by Dean and the River Boys in a derelict house. Knowing Nathan planted the blood-stained wrench in Ziggy’s car to frame him for PK’s murder, Dean is able to extract a confession from his hostage, then drags him to the police station where Nathan admits to killing PK.

After being taken into the interrogation room, Nathan tells the cops he murdered his ruthless boss, but drops Felicity in it by mentioning the unauthorised poker nights at Salt.

Cash is left reeling by the revelation his sister was organising illegal events and is left with no choice but to place her under arrest. Fearful of implicating Mackenzie, Felicity refuses to answer any questions, but Tane doesn’t want her to take the rap so tells Mac it’s time she owned up.

Thrown into panic, Mac considers fleeing the Bay, but a conversation with Marilyn makes her conscience kick in and she tells the police the poker nights were all her doing.

Her confession gets Felicity off the hook, but Mac knows she could be facing a future behind bars.

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