June 25, 2024

Alex o'Loughlin

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Is There Anything You Can Do About Timeshare Special Assessment Fees?

It happens every so often to timeshare owners. You’re taking a stroll to your friendly mail box with the sun beaming down wonderfully on your home; birds are out singing a happy tune. You open your mail box, reach in, and pull out a timeshare bill. “Same as every year,” you think. “Maybe a 2% increase. But nothing I can’t handle.” Then you notice a sizably larger tab. “What?” you fume. “How can they charge me that much a year for my timeshare?” Then you read on, and your heart fills with the dread of an oncoming car crash, and you see it: a special assessment fee.

The truth of the matter is that the timeshare industry is suffering, just like everyone else. Their extreme profits have lost a shine or two, and now they have to scrap barrels instead of throwing whole meals away. Unfortunately, you are that barrel they’re going to be scraping.

But let’s get to the question: is there anything you can do about these special assessments? The truth is, there is very little you can do besides pay the tab. Many resorts offer payment plans, and for those of you unwilling or unable to pay off the fee upfront, these plans are a good option. You will, of course, be paying interest. What matters with special assessments is whether or not they are needed. In some cases, the fee may be a simple $200 for an extra couch or fixture. In other cases, there are going to be Hurricane Assessments, which pay for hurricane damage and can run over a thousand dollars.

Not paying your special assessment will result in late fees and potentially a collections claim against you. For those of you who have already paid special assessments before and have just been hit again, a timeshare sale might be in your best interest unless you find such value in your timeshare that these extra fees and added expenses are worth the cost.

If your special assessment fees are no longer within your budget, you may want to start considering your timeshare relief options.